The Doctor's Book of Survival Home Remedies

An all-in-one health resource, packed with scientifically-backed alternative remedies for when help is unavailable.

❒ - What's Inside?

This book is an all-in-one health resource, packed with scientifically-backed alternative remedies for when help is unavailable. This “Health Survival Encyclopedia” is 478 pages chock-full of over 100 scientifically researched natural home remedies that can rely on during times of need or intense struggle, when traditional help is unavailable or out of reach.

PLUS Over 100 Remedies Including...

    – The Strange-but-true 20-minute Natural Method To Kick Anxiousness To The Curb… Backed By Harvard Research
    – A Surprising Source Of Vitamin E That Reduced Risk Of Neurological Decline By 49%… And Why You Can Never Find It In A Pill Or Capsule
   The Ancient “Turmeric Tea” Recipe For Alleviating Symptoms Associated With Colds And Respiratory Conditions.
  – The “Grape Juice” Protocol For Improving Memory & Recall
    – The “Shade Test” For Determining Which Fruits And Vegetables Are Highest In Antioxidants. You Can Know With A Single Glance Which Foods Are Brimming With Cell-repairing Antioxidants
    – The Two Powerful “Orange” Plants That Boost Healthy Brain Memory Function
    – Why The “Broccoli Diet” Can Drain Inflammation Like Pulling The Plug On A Bathtub.
    – Why The Color “Orange” Should Be Your Favorite Brain Health Color – Due To This One Orange Berry Found In Northern Europe And This One Orange Root From Western India
    – No Dentist? Treat Toothaches With This “Smelly” Plant Extract
    – Why A Landmark 25-year Study Revealed That Consuming These Two Fats… Accelerated Memory Decline.
    – Why A Little-known Finnish Study Suggests That A “Home Sauna” Might Be The Best Home Improvement Project To Battle Memory Conditions And Neuro Decline.
    – Why This Orange Spice Should Be The #1 Stockpiled Powdered Spice.
    – The 10 Often Overlooked Signs Someone Is Suffering From Anxiety.
    – How To Use Sea Buckthorn Oil To Fight Common Senior Ailments
    – How To Maximize The “Fatty Acid Twins” To Relieve Symptoms Like Anxiousness and Stress
    – This Special Mushroom That Is Loaded With Antioxidants That Target Inflammation.
    – How To Use Aloe Vera… To Not Only Treat 1st & 2nd Degree Burns… But Also Improve Circulation And Discourage Bacteria Growth.


The Doctor's Book of 100 Delicious Healthy Recipes

- When inflammation is good, it fights off foreign invaders, heals injuries and mops up debris.
- But when it's bad, inflammation ignites a long list of problem conditions: like achy joints, trouble breathing, high blood sugar, and a laundry list too long to mention right now.
- And inflammation goes bad... when it doesn't go away.
- The Doctor's Book of 100 Delicious Healthy Recipes A body that's constantly inflamed is constantly unhealthy.
- Unfortunately... the "Standard American Diet" is rich in inflammation causing foods.
- The best way to battle constant inflammation... is with anti-inflammatory foods.
- I've put together a list of 100 absolutely delicious recipes that help reduce inflammation… at the source.
- This bonus digital cookbook is easily worth $57 on its own

The Doctor's List of Food as Medicine

This List is designed to help eliminate the confusing questions of...
"What should I eat?"
Or... "What foods should I NOT eat?"
- This simple but powerful list is designed to help anyone know exactly what foods help promote healing in the body.
- For anyone with a passion for living their best Independently Healthy life...
- The Doctor's List of Food as Medicine This is a MUST.
- I've also included a whole section dedicated to foods that are rich in antioxidants.
- These are foods that naturally detox the cells in our bodies... so our organs function as they're designed.
- This bonus report is worth $27 on its own

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