❒ - What Is Speechelo?​

Speechelo is a text-to-speech generator. The software uses artificial intelligence to convert text content into audio tracks with natural sounding, human-like voices.

There are many text-to-speech generators around but many of them are either very costly or they sound too robotic, two of the biggest problems that you’ll encounter with this type of software.

Speechelo was developed by two guys, Vlad and Stoica who together created a suite of other software tools for marketers called Blaster software. This suite is usually aimed at video marketing with YouTube, a platform both marketers have dominated over the years.

Speechelo was created as a text-to-speech solution to help marketers generate great sounding voice overs for their videos.

The software can be used on either PC or Mac because there is nothing to download and install. Instead, you log into your Speechelo account online and do everything in the cloud.

❒ - Standard vs. Pro Upgrade

The Pro upgrade adds a couple of useful features if you plan to sell the voice overs you generate from the software. You get:

  • 60 voices instead of 30.
  • 20,000 character limit in the text panel instead of 5000;
  • 40 background music tracks to add to your productions;
  • a commercial license so that you can sell your voice overs.
  • the Voiceover Cash Machine ebook shows you how to make money generating voiceovers, where to find clients and more.
  • In other words, the pro upgrade lets you run an online business with Speechelo so you can make back the money you spent on getting the software. $47 every three months is a worthy investment in this case.

Personally, I’d get the pro upgrade for the background music and access to the Voiceover Cash Machine ebook. I think just having access to 30 voices is good enough but it doesn’t hurt to access 30 more.

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