For starters, this is a practical 304-page e-book that shares about the human anatomy and emergency first aid procedures to increase your chances of saving yourself or your loved ones lives. Inside, you will self-educate on how to deal with unforeseen medical situations in their earliest stages.

You will also learn how to prevent such conditions from coming back in the future by discovering natural wellness solutions, alternative treatment, and beneficial herbs and other plants to grow in your backyard.

Put simply, the Home Doctor Guide is everything you need at home to deal with all manner of illnesses. It answers your medical queries and lays out the steps to follow to keep the people in your life safe.

- What You’ll Learn Inside The Home Doctor Guide

The book comes with a huge collection of simple and practical ways to meet first aid needs. It gives you the information you need to choose between professional treatment and self-treatment.

  • Inside, you will learn how to improve your hygiene, treat common ailments like diarrhea, set broken bones in place without medical assistance and manage diabetes and blood pressure without modern medication.
  • Since a first aid kit is a necessity in each home, the doctors show you how to assemble a medical kit and what items to give priority.
  • There is a lot of information on how to make recipes to relieve the common cold and flu and how to make herbal treatments to heal wounds and bee stings.
  • You will also learn how to light a fire without matches or lighters. Important if you are stranded in a remote area.
  • The doctors have been very careful to explain the symptoms of each disease in this guide to avoid misdiagnosing yourself or others. For instance, you learn how to recognize and stop a stroke or heart attack by recognizing the first two symptoms.

- Benefits of Using The Home Doctor Guide

  • The information in this book will help you save lives when medical attention is not immediately available.
  • The guide teaches households to become self-sufficient instead of always relying on modern medicine.
  • Learn simple procedures that will prevent future occurrences of common ailments. This helps you and your loved ones reduce the number of hospital visits.
  • Families get a sense of safety from this information if an emergency occurs and there is no doctor in sight.
  • Managing common illnesses and using natural remedies helps cut down on medical expenses.

– Pros and Cons of Using This Book


  • Accurate information written by certified medical doctors
  • Available in physical and digital formats
  • Easy to follow instructions written in simple English
  • Comes with illustrations to enhance understanding
  • Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Price is quite affordable


  • Physical books are limited in number
  • Can only be purchased from the creators’ website

– The Home Doctor Book Bonuses

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