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- What's Ted's Woodworking® ?

An incredible resource for woodworkers of all skill levels and interests, Ted’s Woodworking has been seen in respected industry publications such as the Woodworker’s Journal as well as general media outlets such as LA Weekly and ABC News. Ted’s Woodworking is making waves thanks to its dedication to providing detailed, step-by-step, “hold-you-by-the-hand” instructions for more than 16,000 woodworking projects.

These comprehensive plans can help you build items out of wood that range from gazebos and sheds to dressers, coat racks, cutting boards, and coasters. Ted’s Woodworking can even help you build your own guitar or billiard table!

- Prime features of Ted's Woodworking :

• This e-book contains detail descriptions of 16,000 projects of making wood items. All these procedures are explained step by step in a simple language. The techniques of cutting materials are also described in this book. The practical plan of each project is written with so minute details that anyone will be able to follow these instructions. The templates of these projects are also useful for readers.

• The author has promised to upgrade this Ted’s Woodworking Program every month, by including new plans of woodworks. The readers will get this facility for a lifetime and these plans will cover all types of furniture items, small handicrafts, outdoor wooden features, and workshop projects. The readers do not need to pay any extra cost for these regular inclusions of more projects each month.

• Since the author is a master craftsman in woodwork, he provides useful tutorials in woodworking in this e-book. He has provided in-depth knowledge of creating woodwork in all the lessons included in this book. Thus, readers can follow these lessons at their convenient time and learn the techniques of different woodworking projects. Colorful diagrams are also included to explain each step of these projects, to make the job simpler for readers.

• Apart from the written lessons, this e-book also contains 150 videos that are the visual depictions of these woodworking projects. When readers can see all the explained steps in these videos, it becomes easier for them to follow those instructions while building different wooden items at home. Hence, these video classes are more effective in educating readers about both simple and complex woodwork projects.

- Get These Exclusive Bonuses For Free:

If you order Ted’s Woodworking today, you’ll also receive the following special, limited-time bonuses:

Bonus 1 : DWG/CAD Plan Viewer Regular Price: $47 - Yours FREE!

Forget paying for overpriced CAD software to help you design and build your projects. The DWG/CAD Plan Viewer software give you the power to edit/modify existing woodworking plans and even create your own original plans from scratch.

Bonus 2: 150 Premium Videos Regular Price: $77 - Yours FREE!

With every Ted’s Woodworking purchase, you automatically receive lifetime membership access to more than 150 first-rate videos that are hosted by veteran woodworkers and provide detailed information on a wide array of woodworking topics.

Bonus 3: How To Start A Woodworking Business Regular Price: $27 - Yours FREE!

Ready to turn your woodworking passion into woodworking profits? This detailed, step-by-step guide contains everything that you need to know about selling your custom woodwork for premium prices.

Bonus 4: Complete Woodworking Guides Regular Price: $39 - Yours FREE!

The Ted’s Woodworking Complete Woodworking Carpentry Guides contain over 200 pages of woodworking tips and tricks with detailed drawings, diagrams, and photos.

About The Author

A Certified Master Woodworker and a longtime member of the Architectural Woodwork Institute, Ted "Woody" McGrath has found exceptional success as a craftsman, an educator, a trainer, and an author. He has spent the last four decades of this woodworking career compiling the most comprehensive collection of woodworking plans in the world.Now, Ted McGrath is making all of these plans available to the general public through the release of Ted’s Woodworking!

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